Alcone Company is a family-owned business born and bred in New York City. It was founded in 1952 by Alvin Cohen who recognized the need for a specialty store that could serve New York City’s thriving theatrical community.
Our philosophy has always been the same: find the best products from around the world and make them available to all of our customers so that everyone can benefit (and look fabulous!).


Self-Taught. Makeup Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mother. Black woman.
Danessa has created looks for celebrities, worked with entertainers in music and film and collaborates with other brands and artists to push the beauty industry forward. She trains makeup artists and enthusiasts worldwide and continues to create some of the most innovative and inclusive beauty products on the market. But the most rewarding part of her work is hearing from people who felt underrepresented, unseen or ignored by beauty brands who finally land at a brand made for all, Danessa Myricks Beauty.

As one of the first cosmetics brands in the world, we use our own formulas and recipes to manufacture our own products. We think of them. We create them. Formulate them and love them into existence. We’ve been doing this over 70 years. And we’re still doing it today.


SKIN care

Revelhaus skincare has been created through a love of organic ingredients, efficient products and healthy, happy skin. As you incorporate Revelhaus skincare into your daily beauty ritual, you will notice how quick and simple it is and notice visibly clearer, firmer and more supple skin. We hope you enjoy the benefits you receive.
You Are:We Are Revelhaus!

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R E V E L H A U S  is excited to announce a collaboration and would like to welcome Poisons by Ivy to the family. Ivy St. James is a Nashville born and raised wig stylist and superstar that started styling wigs 6 years ago for many locals girls and quickly dominated the southern region with her unique styles and colors. Her mission has always been to supply a one of a kind selection of pieces and prides herself on ensuring your fantasy becomes a reality, while still providing the quality you’ve come to love! So we at R E V E L H A U S knew she was the perfect fit and bring to you PI x RH which is a collection specifically designed with you in mind to create many signature styles and colors exclusively to R E V E L H A U S that leave you feeling completely intoxicated.