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The 5 Cookbooks Every Queer Kitchen Should Not Be Without

If you're anything like me, you've probably exhausted every recipe in your mental rolodex during this quarantine lock down. So, I put together a listicle of essential queer centric cookbooks.

1. The Dead Celebrity Cookbook : A Resurrection of Recipes from More Than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen

By: Frank DeCaro

Rock Hudson's Cannoli?! Liberace's Sticky Buns?! No, it's not erotic fan fiction. The euphemistic double entendres are just as delicious as the recipes. All jokes aside, when I pull this romp down from the shelf, I flip immediately to Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon. Because, like any gay pescatarian worth their salt, I love all things salmon and, of course, all things Crawford.

2. Deceptive Desserts: A Lady's Guide to Baking Bad!

By: Christine McConnell

If Morticia Addams and Martha Stewart had a love child, it would undoubtedly be Christine McConnell. She has woven her vintage and goth sensibilities into a lifestyle to die for. Since "stress baking" has unfortunately become a thing lately, why not tap into your dark and decadent side. Try your hand at some

Terror-misu or Tarantula Cookies. This book is available at very reasonable prices in Kindle and downloadable formats. But, if you happen to have $175 laying around for a cookbook, then knock yourself out on Amazon. If you're not already familiar with Christine, check out her YouTube Channel From the Mind of Christine McConnell and her Netflix series The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.

3. The Bob's Burgers Burger Book :

Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

By: Cole Bowden

Half the reason to watch Bob's Burgers is to catch the latest "burger of the day" pun on the Belcher's chalkboard. The other is to get your Linda fix. This blog (The Bob's Burgers Experiment) turned book is the brain child of Cole Bowden who took it upon himself to start creating the daily burger specials that have become a character all their own on the hit show. The burger de jour at Chez Nova was the Hit Me with Your Best Shallot. Vegetarians and vegans, don't worry. It's just as good with an Impossible patty. ALRIIIIGHT!

4. Dinners with Famous Women: From Cleopatra to Indira Gandhi

By: Eugenia R. Van Vliet

History nerds! Gasp and clutch your pearls! This is a good one. Enjoy dinner with Cleopatra, Annie Oakley, and the Mata Hari as each famous woman describes the food of her generation. Each chapter provides a menu and recipes for dinner inspired by these bad ass women of legend.

5. Liberace Cooks! Recipes From His Seven Dining Rooms

Put a ring on every finger and light your candelabra because camp and excess is what's for dinner. If you already have this on your bookshelf, consider yourself lucky. It's out of print and is going for around $120 on Amazon and eBay. But if you're a collector, I'd say go for it. I was lucky to have found this on the $10 shelf at the Strand years ago.

Bon Appetit, Mary!

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